Design is not just about aesthetic living spaces. It is about bringing together science, art, culture and technology to truly reflect who we are. And going beyond that to authentically represent what we hold close to our hearts.

At KKD.Studio we witness everything as an extension of design. And with this at the core we experiment and aim to curate experiences, conversations and life with design at the helm.

We envision endless possibilities and craft a story that combines history with uniqueness, creativity with functionality, sophistication with anomalies that seamlessly weaves into a narrative specific to each project.

Minimalism is not for this award-winning designer, Krish Kothari creates spaces which spell magic and inventiveness. A great enthusiast of timeless designs, his décor style is eclectic, classy yet offsetting.

His vision marries ingenious craftsmanship with a plethora of customisation that celebrates his client’s individual style.

Through his journey, Krish has found that the essence of his design lies in crafting bespoke narratives.

A maestro of design projects, Ruchir has spent over 26 years creating iconic designs ranging from private residences to integrated townships, city masterplans and healthcare, hospitality to International Airports.

His deep understanding of contemporary alterations merged with his skill to impeccably fuse design language with the client’s personality creates the highest level of living.

New Hyderabad International Airport, Le Royal Meridi- an and Four Seasons’ Residences are some of Ruchir’s notable achievements.